The DAACA is a proud contributor of the following organizations and charities:

  • The National Rifle Association
  • The Kentucky Rifle Association
  • Ordnance Museum in Aberdeen, MD
  • Jr Sportsmen organization in Delaware
  • Fort Delaware


The Delaware Antique Arms Collectors Association is a private, non-profit, 503c tax exempt organization.  We are not affiliated with any political faction or group, and membership in the DAACA is closed to persons or members of organizations subversive to the United States of America.

The DAACA was founded in the 1950s, and has over 300 members. Our monthly meetings are not open to the public. To join, you must attend one of our monthly meetings as an invited guest, and be sponsored by one of our current members. You may then fill out an application at the meeting. You must have two (2) sponsors, one of which must accompany you when you turn in the application.
We do not accept mail-in applications.

Twice a year, once in January and once in August, the DAACA opens its meetings up to the public. 
These two shows are for buying, selling and trading Antique Guns and Military Collectibles.  No modern handguns, assault rifles, explosive devices or look-a-likes are permitted on the premises.  For more information and a copy of our show flyer, please see our Show Dates section.